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Denise is a very ambitious woman that has always been determined to achieve her dreams and goals that she was blessed to accomplish.

Leaving a good impression on the people she surrounds herself with is of highest importance to her, that's why integrity, kindness and patience is what she values most.

Virginia Sandoval

I am very pleased with Denise and her work ethic.

She is extremely tenacious and has been an extreme asset to me! Denise is trustworthy and genuinely cares about providing the best customer service. Denise, hears your wants and needs and has shown to be eager to make sure she finds something that matches it. Lastly, Denise is very knowledgeable and has a lot of resources she will link you up to; need be. We are very pleased to know Denise. She is helpful and authentic. Two things that are very important to us!

Andrea Herrera

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